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Machine Tool Retrofitting

Machine Tool Retrofitting    Machine Tool Retrofitting    Machine Tool Retrofitting
  • CNC Control Retrofit
  • On-Site Retrofit
  • Axis Drives and Motors
  • Spindle Drives and Motors
  • PLC Installation
  • DRO Installation

MTS has many years experience in machine tool retrofitting. Our first retrofit was completed in 1968. We grew up with the industry through conventional equipment to NC controls and now with state of the art CNC systems.

Retrofitting a machine equipped with an old or non-existent CNC or PLC control can increase your productivity. Incorporating automation into a manual machine can reduce the time it takes your employees need to finish a part, which lowers cost per part and increases daily production. It also increases precision, which in turn equals better products.

Retrofits can range from the addition of a simple digital read out (DRO) system or installation of a complete CNC automation system. We incorporate products from companies including, but not limited to: Allen Bradley, G.E.Fanuc, Siemens, Anilam, Heidenhain, and others.

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