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Machine Alignment & Calibration

Machine Alignment & Calibration    Machine Alignment & Calibration

Having a machine that is out of alignment can cost your company time and money in parts that are ruined due to out of spec machines. A machine that is not worn out but is simply out of alignment is an excellent candidate for our realignment service. Over time the moving parts of a machine can shift, causing tolerance problems. Bringing the unit back to OEM specs can put a stop those problems and end scrapped parts.

We have several pieces of precision equipment that we use to bring your machine to tip-top shape. These include laser systems and convention precision alignment equipment.
  • Harmar Laser
  • Hewlett Packard Laser
  • Starrett
  • Brown & Sharp
  • A & A Gage
  • Rahn
  • Parlec
  • Taylor Hobson
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